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Day 20 – Home (kinda) sweet home

Friday, May 29 2020 Day 20 There she is. Barely seen over the misty horizon, growing bigger and bigger with each mile traveled. It is the view that is so familiar, yet always making my heart beat faster. The tightly packed skyscrapers – the sign of might and progress of this country, but…

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Cedar Point Amusement Park

Day 19 – Way home

Thursday, May 28 2020 Day 19 We awoke in Angola, Indiana at Tri-State Steuben County Airport, a land-locked field surrounded by lakes. And upon those lakes—seaplane bases! I talked via email with an awesome pilot from the area who had worked with Indiana lawmakers to change laws…

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Circular rainbow - wish I had the ways to capture the 360!

Day 18 – It’s All about the Weather

Wednesday, May 27 2020 Day 18 Denison, Iowa was a restful stop under dense grey skies that absolutely refused to clear up despite promising forecasts the night before. The entire day was spent in a frustrating state of “hurry up and wait,” we kept almost heading to the plane to fire up and…

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Day 17 – Onto the Farmlands of Nebraska and Iowa

Tuesday, May 26 2020 Day 17 I awoke on the airport to the sound of a turbine engine, that familiar roaring whine joyfully clawing it’s way into my unconscious brain and shaking me awake—I opened my eyes and sat up quickly, fueled by sleepy curiosity. Outside the massive window to the ramp…

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FIelds in Morrill, Nebraska

Day 16 – Departing the West

Monday, May 25 2020 Day 16 We knew it was going to be hard to say goodbye to the West, so waking up in the wild desert of Utah as the sun rose over the red sands of Moab was bittersweet. We stretched and packed our gear and looked at the white airport crew car with some amusement—the…

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Day 15 – Out of this World

Sunday, May 24 2020 Day 15 We woke up before sunrise in Richfield and headed to the plane for some early morning shooting of Bryce Canyon, the Canyonlands, Moab, and the unnamed beauty in the expansive, alien landscape between these spectacular places. Richfield at dawn was so peaceful, so…

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Day 14 – Road to Zion

Thursday, May 23 2020 Day 14 You may ask why we have included no day 13 post here. It isn’t for superstitious reasons, though perhaps it should be. No, day 13 was spent at the FBO in Bountiful, completely rewriting our route to include a diversion to Utah’s incredible national parks to the…

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Day 12 – Salt of the Earth

Thursday, May 21, 2020 Day 12 The night in the tent with a half inflated air mattress, soaked clothes from a karmically inspired, semi evil sprinkler system, and a train that passed by every hour on the hour wasn’t exactly restful, so when our alarms went off pre 5 am, there was a moment…

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Border wall ends at Tijuana's outskirts

Day 11 – Welcome to Mexico (well, almost)

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Day 11 Waking up in Rick’s camper was utterly fantastic, we slept so well, and woke up in Oceanside refreshed and happy to be on the water. We decided to spend the morning on the beach—despite the strange beach rules we’d overheard such as people were only allowed…

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Dormant LAX

Day 10 – Rusty over LA

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 Day 10 We slept in a bit in Ramona, and one of the guys from the airport was kind enough to swing by in his truck and give us a ride back to the plane. The day prior, we’d noticed a burning smell as we were navigating the low clouds on the coast and had discovered the…

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