Being Above

Obsessed with trying to capture the impossible, this shooting style is extremely challenging, yet safe when performed correctly. Separated by a few thousand feet, the difficulty is to synchronize the flight direction with the aircraft flying below. It takes a lot of feel and mental calculation, as there are several seconds in which the airliner is not visible under my craft. The feel of airspeed, prevailing winds and knowledge of the lansdcape below is key to interesting capture.

Presented in an unique ‘look down’ setting, those images – in sizes 40x60in are laid down on a pedestal so that the viewer can also put himself in the unusual attitude and therefore participate with the experience at height.

Alternatively, each of the images is available for purchase in a framed format for traditional exposition.

Special Feature: July 4th Fireworks

Highly anticipated by many, the 4th of July fireworks are taking a different shape in 2020 and will be far less intense and spectacular this year around. Instead of – what has been this City’s staple attraction – one gigantic, spectacular and over the top fete, the organizers have settled with a few smaller, unnannounced shows over the course of the week.

Please join me in looking back at a few high-altitude photographs of the past shows. I hope you can quietly enjoy (and all the city dwellers know exactly what I mean) the views.

Central Park at 10,000 feet

As as tribute to this iconic New York City landmark, those images have been taken at the height of each season, and display the variety of colors and changes the Park goes through each year. Precision and care has been taken to position the airplane above the southern part of the park at an exact time, so that the shadow of the buildings lines up with the Avenues.

Available as separate seasons, or complete set, framed separately, those large format prints are highly detailed and beautifully printed on a fine art archival paper. Please inquire for pricing and availability.

Feature: Fall in Love, from Above

Postcards from late fall, when the calm, morning air settled over Croton Falls Reservoir and it’s adjacent areas. This ‘magic hour’ is usually relatively short lasting, however with today’s sophisticated forecasts it can be planned in advance.

All images presented below are available in print in various sizes, including highly detailed large format. Open edition.

NYC Aerial

Generally limited by where I am allow to fly, here is a variety of familiar views, sometimes in a new context. All images are available for licensing and purchase and they are not a part of any limited collection.