Across America!

Turning the lack of work and cheapest avgas in the history of mankind into an opportunity to document this unique chapter of America’s history. A pair of adventurous aviators takes to the skies, to realize a long-term dream. Camping under the wing whenever possible (flamping = flying + camping), and figuring out the challenges as they come.

Sarah Tamar is a fanatic aviatrix and floatplane queen. Currently working as a pilot at Tailwind Air flying Cessna Caravans on floats around the northeast. (That’s as bad-ass as flying a military jet, at least I think so). Best partner to share such adventure with, not only a second pair of flying hands but a True Friend who’s always eager to take part in any flying adventure imaginable.

Filip Wolak is a NYC based award winning photographer, pilot and flight instructor. You can find more info on the About section of this page.

FW tel: +1 (917) 971 9323

ST tel: +1 (203) 206 4414

Live Map

Above map is automatically updated with the information from OpenSky Network and will show our approximate location as long as we are in radar (ADSB) coverage. As this is an in-house developed tool for the sake of this trip (and the fun of coding), please allow delays or inconsistencies in service – we are fine!

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Our experiences, day by day: