Richard Hambleton and His Contemporaries


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Posthoc Salon, June 28, 2021


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Donald and Victor

Donald and Victor at Salomon Arts Gallery


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Earth: Photography Show 2021

Here are a few photographs from the Earth: Photography Show 2021 opening, to which I had a great honor to be invited to. One Art Space is a wonderful gallery in Tribeca, featuring artists across all genres and media. Curated by Diego Ponce, the work selection worked very well together, offering a…

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Edwina Sandys – All About Eve at Salomon Arts

Salomon Arts gallery proudly presents “All about Eve” – an exhibit by world renowned artist Edwina Sandys. A multidisciplinary artist, over the past decades Edwina has created art of international acclaim that includes sculpture, paintings, collage and works on paper. Please enjoy the…

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Norwood's Harriet

Norwood’s Harriet

Salomon Arts Gallery and Willoughby Advisory present “Norwood’s Harriet – Celebrating Democracy, Freedom and Diversity”, an art exhibit in one of the New York’s iconic private clubs. It is my honor to have one of my pieces featured in this group show, which will be open…

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I want to thank you!

Day 20 – Home (kinda) sweet home

Friday, May 29 2020 Day 20 There she is. Barely seen over the misty horizon, growing bigger and bigger with each mile traveled. It is the view that is so familiar, yet always making my heart beat faster. The tightly packed skyscrapers – the sign of might and progress of this country, but…

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Cedar Point Amusement Park

Day 19 – Way home

Thursday, May 28 2020 Day 19 We awoke in Angola, Indiana at Tri-State Steuben County Airport, a land-locked field surrounded by lakes. And upon those lakes—seaplane bases! I talked via email with an awesome pilot from the area who had worked with Indiana lawmakers to change laws…

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Circular rainbow - wish I had the ways to capture the 360!

Day 18 – It’s All about the Weather

Wednesday, May 27 2020 Day 18 Denison, Iowa was a restful stop under dense grey skies that absolutely refused to clear up despite promising forecasts the night before. The entire day was spent in a frustrating state of “hurry up and wait,” we kept almost heading to the plane to fire up and…

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Day 17 – Onto the Farmlands of Nebraska and Iowa

Tuesday, May 26 2020 Day 17 I awoke on the airport to the sound of a turbine engine, that familiar roaring whine joyfully clawing it’s way into my unconscious brain and shaking me awake—I opened my eyes and sat up quickly, fueled by sleepy curiosity. Outside the massive window to the ramp…

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