Welcome to my new Fine Art Print Store!

As I am slowly expanding this section to include more variety of prints across multiple categories,
I would love to begin the offering by presenting you some of my long-time favorites.
Currently, there are 2 separate sections of the store, each offering unique artworks:

Winter from Above – Selection from the Main Collection

Let’s start with the best-selling prints from the award-winning “Winter from Above” collection. Highly detailed and beautifully printed (and framed) those prints will add elegance to space of any size. Extremely impactful due to their large dimension, but also inviting for a close look because of rich details.

Each print is part of a limited edition collection and it is signed by the author. Available in two sizes (large and medium), and in two variants: framed (in an artisanal Brooklyn shop), or as plain print to be framed by your favorite local framer.

Looking for Zen – Square Print Series

For those on the budget, I offer a smaller format wintry landscapes from the “Looking for Zen” series. Those pieces manifest the peace that often comes when the fresh, fluffy snow falls and covers the ground. They are meant to bring that tranquility to space where you put it, and bring home – in any season – the coziness that comes with the experience.

They look great as single image, or when presented in series of 3 – the pairing suggestion is in below arrangement.