Watch the Fireworks with the Audio Off:

Highly anticipated by many, the 4th of July fireworks are taking a different shape in 2020.

Due to the current restrictions of mass gatherings, the City has decided that the fireworks will take a new form. Instead of one large after-sunset show, the fireworks will be set off at a “high elevation, unannounced” to prevent people from gathering to watch them. There will be five minutes of explosions, with no warning, each night leading up to July 4’s televised grand finale – reportedly atop the Empire Stare Building – which will feature the “best of” the previous five nights. The theme will be around honoring the first responders and health-care workers.

And yes, since we are already ‘enjoying’ the fireworks for a couple weeks now in it’s aural-only version, I am allowing myself to present you with a more pleasing and relaxing, visual-only approach. From an unique angle.

I hope you enjoy.