ArtPlacer will allow you to see the selected artwork placed into picture of your room. When using the dedicated ArtPlacer App (available on IOS and Android) the augmented reality technology will overlay the work in your space live, using your phone’s camera. Alternatively, if you prefer to see the artwork over example spaces, just scroll down and select the image of the room.

You will be able to alter the work’s dimensions and select framing of the piece. The final composition can then be saved as and image for your future review.

01 Lone Tree

Dimensions: 12x12 inch
Other sizes available per request
Archival ink on fine art paper


Preview the Artwork in your room

Upload image of your room and have the piece superimposed over the area of your choice. You will need to have a picture of your space ready and available.

Augmented Reality preview via an ArtPlacer app

Download and let the ArtPlacer app on your mobile device superimpose the artwork live, as you use your phone camera to look around the space (VERY COOL).

See the Artwork in an example space

The easiest way! Below gallery displays various spaces that you can superimpose the selected work. Please click on an image of the chosen space to see the Artwork in situ.

Pick a Room Below

Don't forget to pick the frame. Once the pop-up loads, click on "Frame" link on top of the window to display a selection.

Sample Rooms